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August 2004 - Non orchestral freelance musicians have no decision making power within UK industrial organisations. 

Neither have they the power to change constitutions, nor the power to ensure that they are told 100% of the truth about their chosen industry - Over decades, while orchestras and orchestral freelancers received grants instead of Air Play monies. Non orchestral freelancers received nothing, nada, nowt, nix. 

To quote Ashley Mason - Orchestral Chairman of Pamra - The Performing Artists Media Rights Association. Whose orchestral foot enters his mouth when deliberately failing to recognise industrial apartheid and when profiting from it. 

"I would be very interested, as one who does know the state of play with orchestras in the UK, for you to enlighten me as to your assessment, or your contacts', as to why you are so critical of orchestral musicians? Please describe the "pampering"? Having been a professional orchestral musician for twenty nine years I have been unaware of such treatment? 

With regard to "why should it not be good enough for musicians without much proof of being charted nor air played", as you already know but do not like, we (The Pamra board) are only in the business of distributing E.R. to performers with a proven link to their performance being broadcast. We are, with PPL and the other Performer Forum members, taking steps to reduce the severity of the "proofs" required for payment. 

However, there has been no discussion of making payments to performers on the basis that they have at some stage taken part in recording sessions. This, I believe, would not be legal under current legislation. That is not to say that at some stage it should not happen, but it is not the business of Pamra at this point in time. "

But if not Mr Pamra Chairman, then whose business is it? The Union?  Those trustworthy people who brought us headlines in 1995 for the misappropriation of a mere 63,000,000 of its members monies? HMGov Copyright maybe? 

Creative music is NOT dots on paper, market forces or retail outlets. It is the individual musician and both scalecular and rhythmic sound and change.

On the subject of values and an artist's, composer's or improviser's " Right to participate in cultural life", the "Human Rights and Policies Report "published by Circle and the Arts Council of Finland / Human Rights and Humanity (1994) affirms that : "Commitment to respect for the right of everyone without discrimination to participate in the cultural life of his or her choosing, is not a luxury that can be marginalised or relegated to government tokenism and minimal expenditure, but form the very essence of our commitment to a multicultural society".

Moreover, the right to participate in cultural life is not limited to the arts, but includes all " those aspects of life which give people identity and dignity as human beings. The denial of the cultural identity of a group,or the right of individuals to equality of access to the cultural life of their society, undermines both human development and dignity. "The Report advises that : " Government policies and strategies should ensure freedom of expression and enjoyment for minorities and disadvantaged groups, ensure respect for human rights in cultural policies and protect the rights and freedoms of the artist ~ Governments should research strategies for the development of good practice guidelines".

It recommends that : " The physical and intellectual integrity of artists and their works should be protected against actions of oppressive regimes. "It particularly recommends that areas of neglect should receive attention.

And, as your case may not be a "single nation issue" - You may wish to drop a protest to petitions@europarl.eu.int

Music is strange stuff. You can't eat, drink, smell, taste nor see music. But you, and your lawyers, can still end the rip off those who wish to be rewarded for creating it.

MIHRA UK research has shown that during the Great Expansion of the music Industry. During which both the US and the UK played by far the major role. Those individuals and corporate "protection organizations" whom the majority of creators trusted to police and govern fairly. Have with your government drawn up vital economic legislation which ignores the thousands of creators individual claims and complaints. Working far too closely with the publishers, record companies, ineffective unions, corporate quangos and multi-excuseist anti-democratic conduit organizations to the detriment of the vast majority of your nations creative artists. Your nations lack of reasonable legislation should be condemned by you, through your own parliamentarians.

And do send us a copy huh?

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